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Dental Bridges

A tooth bridge is also known as a dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth by joining permanently to adjacent teeth. If you have lost a tooth or a tooth has been removed, then the gap that is left can cause problems in your mouth. An ideal solution for many people is to speak to their dentist about dental bridges.

Are you missing a tooth that you would like to replace with a fixed option? A dental bridge is a predictable and cosmetic option to close a gap.

What To Expect During & After Treatment

Teeth bridge preparations are done under local anaesthetic at our dental practice in Durban, so you will not experience any pain. Some bridges can be done the same day.  Some bridges can be done the same day. Bridges have to made by the laboratory and done over two appointments. The first appointment entails preparing the adjacent teeth, taking impressions and making a temporary bridge which covers and protects the teeth until the bridge is manufactured by the lab.

The local anaesthetic will take a few hours to wear off. Only the enamel and some dentine of the teeth are removed. There should not be any pain after the procedure. Occasionally sensitivity can be experienced. Further adjustments can be done to the bridge or opposing teeth if the bite feels uncomfortable after the anaesthetic wears off.

Consequences if left untreated

If the space isn’t restored this will result in drifting of the adjacent teeth and over-eruption of the opposing teeth. The opposing tooth may over-erupt to such a point where it may need to be extracted.

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