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Dental Implants

Replace an individual missing tooth with a long term option that does not need to be fixed to the teeth on either side of the gap.

An implant is a “root” device, usually made of titanium to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth and the main function is to replace missing teeth. They appear similar to an actual tooth root and are placed within the bone. The bone of the jaw accepts and fuses with the implant.

What to expect during & after treatment

Placing an implant is a surgical procedure which is under local anaesthetic. No pain should be experienced during the procedure. Placement of the implant should be an uneventful and comfortable procedure.

Single implant placement in areas of well-healed bone can often require no downtime, with patients returning to routine activity immediately. Some mild pain can be expected as this is associated with the healing process.

The benefits of dental implants

Implants look and feel like natural teeth. When you invest in dental implants, you will be able to chew normally. Many people feel that their self-esteem improves vastly after receiving dental implants.

Dental implants look very natural and you will be able to preserve the teeth next to the implants as well as facial structures, making implants an ideal solution for many people.

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For the past 5 years since the introduction of Guided implant Surgery – we at Gatewaydental place almost all of of our implants using this technology.

What is Guided  implant surgery ?

In a nutshell this is a new Technology introduced into Implant placement procedures that Guides very Accurately the exact position of the the dental implant in Bone during the placement treatment. This is achieved by digitally placing the implant in the CBCT (3d Xray) , having a Surgical Guide manufactured and using this guide to to place the implant. The positioning of a dental implant during surgery is Absolutely Critical to the overall success of the procedure. Once an implant has been placed and integration ( fusion ) to the bone occurs , it is not possible to change the direction of that implant! Even a few millimetres variance in placement can cause failure to occur. It is for this reason that we have elected to perform almost every Implant Placement Procedure using Guided surgery.

What are the benefits of Guided implant Surgery?

  • minimally invasive surgery – so healing is quicker  with almost no post operative discomfort.
  • flapless implant placement is now possible with high degree of accuracy  – this means that we can in certain circumstances place  implants without cutting the gum , which results in much faster healing
  • Accuracy of placement – means that there is less chances of damaging vital anatomic structures during placement
  • Reduced procedure time – We at Gatewaydental have now been able to accurately place implants in less that 15 min using this technology
  • Hight Accurately, More precision, Minimally Invasive and Quicker procedures – these benefits of guided surgery have allowed us to now perform multiple highly complex implant procedures with consistently successful outcomes eliminating the need in many cases of additional bone grafting procedure.

Implant placement with teeth in 48 hours…. 

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