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Dental Extraction

Extractions are the treatment option for wisdom teeth or teeth that cannot be saved.

A normal tooth extraction is performed on a tooth that is visible in the mouth, usually under local anaesthetic, and require only the use of instruments to elevate and/or grasp the visible portion of the tooth. When a tooth is are removed with forceps, slow, steady pressure is applied with controlled force.

A surgical extraction involves the removal of a tooth that cannot be easily accessed, either because they have broken under the gum line or because they have not erupted fully. Surgical extractions may require an incision. The dentist may elevate the soft tissues covering the tooth and bone and may also remove some of the overlying and/or surrounding jawbone with a drill. The tooth may be split into multiple pieces to facilitate its removal. Stitches may need to be placed.

What to expect during or after treatment

This procedure is done under local anaesthetic, so no pain would be experienced. The only sensation you would experience during the extraction is the feeling of touch or pressure which is normal.

After the local anaesthetic wears off, you will experience some pain, this is normal as the tooth was removed from the bone. Therefore painkillers can be taken before the anaesthetic wears off.

Post operative instructions - Extraction

  • Bite on the gauze firmly for 30mins.
  • No alcohol or smoking for the next 3 days.
  • Try to eat on the opposite side, avoid food entering the socket.
  • Brush your teeth as normal but try not to traumatize the extraction site.
  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm water and salt the day after extraction – this can be done twice a day.
  • The extraction site takes about 6 weeks to heal. Pain and swelling is quite normal, although severe pain, a foul odour and a bad taste in your mouth indicates an infection and you should return to the Practice for further treatment.
  • Should the bleeding continue, dip a tea bag in water and squeeze it to remove excess water. This can be placed on the extraction site and bit firmly for 20 minutes.
  • If bleeding starts after you have left the Practice, and you are unable to control the bleeding please return to the Practice.
  • Avoid medication containing aspirin as it will stimulate bleeding.
  • Myprodol, Genpain, Paracetamol, Mybulen etc. can be used.

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