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Replacement of metal filling

Have you considered the replacement of metal fillings, removing those old mercury-contained fillings with more natural-looking, long-term filling solutions? Composite fillings are both healthier and more cosmetically appealing.

When should metal filling be replaced

That depends on the reason for your dentist’s recommendation. It is important to action the replacement of metal  fillings if they are defective or show decay. Replacing metal dental fillings may benefit the long-term health of the tooth.

What to expect during & after treatment

When having fillings replaced, the first step is to numb the patient up. Once you are sufficiently numb, the dentist will remove the old metal filling and any infected tooth structure. The tooth will then be filled with a tooth-coloured material. Either resin, composite or porcelain depending on how much tooth structure is remaining.

Occasionally with porcelain restorations adjustments to the bite may be required.

Consequences if left untreated

It is important to facilitate replacement of metal fillings before tooth decay becomes worse. More severe decay may cause pain and tooth loss and may require a crown, a root canal or tooth removal (extraction).

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