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Are you aware of the additional benefits obtained from having dental treatment done with the use of a microscope? Does your dentist use any form of magnification?

Why shoulda root canal treatment be done under microscopy

The root canal procedure takes place in a very small area of the tooth and requires expert precision to effectively navigate the roots and canals. Some teeth may have more roots and canals than expected – missed canals can mean unresolved infections, which may eventually require another endodontic procedure, or even removal of the tooth.

The use of advanced microscopy technology helps the dentist to find and treat all the canals inside the tooth. Therefore making your root canal treatment successful and allowing you to keep your natural tooth for a lifetime.

Microscope provides dentists with exceptional magnifications and improves illumination to a level of vision unattainable by regular human eye.


  • Improve accuracy of root canal procedures through magnification and ability to use smaller instruments.
  • Fewer traumas to your tooth structure and result in better or faster healing with minimal need for secondary procedures.
  • Ability to see root structure in greater detail.
  • Higher success rate of treatment, reduces the risk for infection to reoccur.
  • Reduced risk of possible complications.

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